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Zhejiang Tanhon Driving Machine Co., Ltd

Add:Linyang Industrial Zone,Ruian City

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As one of the helical gear reducer manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of mechanical products, We offer helical gear reducer and many other products.

Tanhon’s extensive sales network and branch offices throughout China ensure you receive prompt and personalized service. Our dedicated staff is always ready to provide expert technical advice and support.

Our diverse product range includes:

MD, Mn, MJ, MP, Z, W, MB, NMRV, m (MTB), and more (12 series in total)
Power range: 0.18kW to 4000kW
Gear ratios: Nearly 40,000 options available, giving you unparalleled flexibility
Tanhon invests heavily in advanced technology:

State-of-the-art processing center: Guarantees high-precision, efficient production.
CNC machine tools: Ensures consistent quality and accuracy.
Advanced detection equipment: This includes gear measuring instruments, beat detectors, and double detectors for comprehensive quality control.

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