Helical Gear Reducers

Zhejiang Tanhon Driving Machine Co., Ltd.(a Member of EVER-POWER) supplies four series of helical gear reducers, including an R series helical gear reducer, an F series parallel shaft helical gear reducer, an S series helical gear-worm gear reducer, and a K series helical gear-bevel gear reducer. Get more information in the product list or contact us for any inquiries.

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Type of Helical Gear Reducer

R Series Coaxial Helical Gear Reducer

R series coaxial helical gear reducer features an input shaft and output shaft positioned in the same direction, and helical gears drive the gear engagement. It owns a compact structure and transmits high-speed reduction and higher output torque.

F Series Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Reducer

F series parallel shaft helical gear reducer feature hardened helical gears and parallel shafts. It’s the perfect solution when the installation space is limited by unique structural design.

K Series Helical Bevel Gear Reducer

K series helical bevel gear reducer’s transmission parts are composed of helical gear and bevel gear. It is a right-angle output speed reducer with the most compact structure design and high bearing capacity.

What Is Helical Gear Reducers?

Helical gear reducer is a novel reduction transmission device. Adopting the design concept of optimizing the modular combination system, the helical reducer can be equipped with various types of motors, combining into mechatronics, and are available to be connected arbitrarily in various installation positions according to user requirements, so it has broad adaptability.

Features of S series Helical Gear-worm Gear Reducer

S series helical gear-worm gear reducer is a right-angle speed reducer with a combined drive system with helical gear and worm gear, designed and optimized according to international standards. Our helical gear-worm reducers with simple mechanical structure design provide higher efficiency than worm gear reducers and also lower noise during operation. They are widely applied in robots, CNC machines, welding equipment, plastic machines, packaging and printing machinery, textile and dyeing machinery, construction machinery, communications, and other fields, especially suitable for frequent starting occasions.

S series helical gear-worm gear reducers are available in 4 main structure types: S Series (Foot-mounted, solid shaft output), SA Series (Keyed hollow shaft output), SF Series (B5 Flange-mounted, solid shaft output), SAF Series (B5 Flange-mounted, hollow shaft output).

SA Series (Keyed hollow shaft output)

It has high transmission efficiency, and the efficiency of single-type reducer is as high as 96%. And the transmission ratio is finely divided and has a wide range.

SF Series (B5 Flange-mounted, solid shaft output)

The uneven surface of the housing has features of good heat dissipation, strong vibration absorption, to make the reducer low temperature rise and low noise.

SAF Series (B5 Flange-mounted, hollow shaft output)

Its internal hard tooth surface gear is made of high-quality alloy steel, the surface is carburized and quenched and hardened, the tooth surface hardness is as high as 58-62hrc.

Applications of Helical Gear Speed Reducers

Compared with other types of reducers, helical gear reducer owns higher performance, its transmission efficiency is greatly improved, which also reduces the maintenance and repair costs of users. It saves space, operates reliably, and has high loading capacity, wide range of power, and finely graded transmission ratios. It is widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, cement, construction, chemical industry , textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other fields.

Helical Gear Reducers for Sale

The following list is only a partial display of helical gear reducer products, and more helical gear reducer products are in succession on the shelves. Please contact us by email if you need to buy a helical gear reducer. Email: [email protected]

Helical Gear Reducer Related Knowledge

What Is Helical Inline Gear Reducers?

Our inline helical gear reducers are available in double/triple reducer models with electric or solid inputs to meet low speed and high torque applications. The motor is fully metric and is suitable for horizontal and vertical drive applications. They are available in foot mount and flange mount versions.

Structural Characteristics of F Series Parallel Shaft Gear Reducers?

F series reducer is one of the four series of reducers. The difference between this reducer and the other three is that the output mode of this reducer is parallel shaft output.

The primary type of F series parallel shaft reducer:

There are as many as ten basic types of F series reducers. F Foot Mounting Parallel Shaft – Helical Gear Reducer, FA…B Foot Hollow Shaft Mounting, FV…B Foot Spline Hollow Shaft Mounting, FA Hollow Shaft Mounting, FV Spline Hollow Shaft Mounting, FAF Yes B5 flange hollow shaft installation, FVF is B5 flange spline hollow shaft installation, FAZ is B14 flange installation, FVZ is B14 flange spline hollow shaft installation, FF is B5 flange installation, FH…B foot hollow shaft Shrink disk installation, FH is hollow shaft shrink disk installation, FHF is B5 flange hollow shaft shrink disk installation, FHZ is B14 flange hollow shaft shrink disk installation.

What Is The Difference Between A Helical Gear Reducer And A Worm Gear Reducer?

The characteristics of the worm gearbox: compact mechanical structure, light volume and shape, small and efficient; good heat exchange performance, fast heat dissipation; easy installation, flexibility, and lightness; superior performance, easy maintenance, and repair; stable operation, low noise, durable; usability strong, safe and reliable.

The characteristics of helical gearbox: a novel reduction transmission device. Using the advanced design concept of optimization and modular combination system, it has a small size, ample transmission torque, stable starting, and finely graded transmission ratio. It can be connected arbitrarily, and various installation positions can be selected according to customers’ requirements.

Correct Maintenance And Maintenance Of Gear Reducer?

1. Oil level reducer generally uses oil teeth lubrication. Before use, it must be refueled to the specified position (according to the schematic position) and replaced regularly.

2. Oil change cycle New reducer* When in use, after a running-in period of 7-14 days (150-300 hours), new oil must be replaced. New oil must be replaced again after three months of use. In the future, regularly check the oil quality; deteriorated oil containing impurities, contamination, decomposition, and aging must be replaced at any time. Generally, the gear reducer with long-term continuous operation can be changed once every 6-8 months, while the gear reducer with no more than 8 hours daily can be changed once every 10-12 months.

3. The new oil replaced by oil must have the same brand as the original oil, and different brands and different types of oil should not be mixed. Before injecting new oil, heat the same oil used in operation and clean the gear.

4. Reducer is lubricated by an oil pool and cooled naturally. Circulating oil lubrication or oil line lubrication with a cooling pipe can be used when the working balance temperature of the reducer exceeds 90 C or the carrying power exceeds thermal power PG1. When the gear reducer is started after a continuous stop of more than 24 hours, the gears and bearings should be fully lubricated before they can run under load.

5. Bearing lubrication Rolling bearing lubrication in reducer, commonly used lubricants are lubricating oil and grease. When selecting lubricating oil, the bearing load, speed, temperature, and working environment should be considered. The greater the load on the bearing, the higher the temperature and the higher the viscosity of the lubricant used. Low viscous oils are available for bearings with low load, low temperature, and high speed. Too much or too little lubricant in the bearing will cause the bearing to overheat.