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Our specialists and engineers have 23 years of Experience in the Bearing Business. Hangzhou EPG Co.,Ltd. , was founded in November, 1997. With its five wholly owned subsidiaries. Retaining in thoughts that good services is the essential to cooperating with consumers, we strive to meet high good quality specifications, offer you aggressive prices and ensure prompt shipping and delivery.

Merchandise functions:

slewing bearing for excavator

EPTT Ring Identification

Figuring out slewing rings can often be hampered by component worn serial/element quantities or OEM only references. In buy to aid identify your slewing ring, we advocate the subsequent:

1. Give the EPTT product on which the bearing matches.
two.Offer a swift drawing giving with the adhering to dimensions famous as precisely as possible.
2.1-Inner ring and outer ring diameters
two.2-Inner and outer flange diameters and heights
two.3-The top of the internal ring, outer ring and total assembled top
two.4The PCD of mounting holes in the interior and outer rings. Also be aware gap measurement, through or EPTT and or EPTTd
two.five-Equipment detail incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. variety of tooth, approx tooth pitch, tooth height and depth profile if feasible.

Item: Solitary-row 4-stage get in touch with ball sequence.

Solitary-row crossed roller series.

EPTT-row ball sequence.

A few-row roller collection.

Roller and ball mixture series.

EPTT kind profile slewing bearing.

Quenching slewing ring bearing

EPTT parameters:

No Sort OD(mm) ID(mm) All round
OH(mm) IH(mm) O Hole
I ole
Tooth No
one UH063 1195 962 85 seventy five 70 36- cent20 36- cent20 ninety eight
2 UH07-7 1310 1084 one hundred eighty 95 36- cent21 36-M20*1.5 ninety two
three EX200-1 1312 1083.5 106 72 ninety five 36- cent22 36-M20*1.5 ninety two
4 EX200-two 1312 1083.five 106 seventy two 95 36- cent22 36-M20*1.five ninety two
five ZX200 1310 1080 106 72 ninety five 36- cent21 36-M20*1.five 92
6 EX240 1420 1138 108 84 ninety eight 36- cent24 36-M24*two ninety two
seven EX350 1630 1297 120 95 110 36- cent29 36-M27*two eighty three
eight ZX750 1930 1495 159 148 a hundred thirty five 40- cent35 40- cent31 108
9 EX870 2037 1595 one hundred sixty 148 138 41- cent35 forty eight- cent31.five one hundred fifteen

Features of EPTT EPTT simply summarized as beneath:
one. EPTTed provider of steel, iron amp non-ferrous factors
two. In depth documEPTTd high quality software in area.
three. Castings, forgings, stampings, machining, welding amp fabrication providers.
four. nine relevant factories, in excess of fifty joint-venture sub-contractors.
5. twenty five a long time of manufacturing ordeals, 10 years of exporting experience
6. one hundred% of merchandise bought to overEPTT customers.
seven. fifty% of consumer foundation is forturne five hundred firms.

Software Fields
(1) agricultural EPTTry, tractors, EPTTer, harvesting EPTTry and so on.
(2) the hefty mining EPTTry, metallurgical EPTTry, mining EPTTry, lifting EPTTry, loading and unloading EPTTry, EPTT and mining autos, cement products, etc.
(3) engineering EPTTry forklift, shoveling transportation EPTTry, compaction EPTTry, concrete EPTTry, and so on.
(4) petrochemical EPTT EPTTry, petroleum EPTTry, oil EPTTry, chemical EPTTry, pump, blower, valves, fuel compressor, EPTT and air conditioning EPTTry, paper EPTTry, printing EPTTry, plastic processing EPTTry, pharmaceutical EPTTry, and so forth.
(five) the EPTT EPTTry, EPTT EPTTry, transformers, motors, high and lower force switch, wire and cable, battery, electrical welding EPTT, EPTT EPTTs, and so on.
(six) EPTT resources, metallic chopping EPTT equipment, forging EPTTry, casting EPTTry, woodworking EPTTry, and many others.
(7) auto, EPTT, road buses, autos, modified vehicles, motorcycles, and many others.
(8) devices: EPTT instrument, EPTT instrumentation, optical instruments, composition analyzer, automotive instrumentation, dianliao gear, electronic gear, cameras, and many others.
(nine) bearings, EPTT components, seals, powEPTTmetallurgy goods, stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd fasteners, EPTT EPTT, EPTT, mildew, and so on.
(10) EPTT EPTTry, EPTT EPTT, EPTT EPTT, conveyor, and so on.
(eleven) environmental safety EPTTry, equipment, gear for the control of air pollution avoidance and handle of h2o air pollution, strong squander treatment equipment these kinds of as mill skilled EPTT bearing, EPTT box, EPTT EPTT bearing.

Method of extending the bearing’s life time:

1. The installation is appropriate, that impacts precision, existence, functionality. And fill the bearing with lubricant soon after set up.

2. Do not permit robust impact, this kind of as hammer striking, transfer roller stress

3. Use the correct set up tool, steer clear of to use cloth sort and limited fibers

4. Lubricate the bearing to avoid rust with substantial high quality EPTTral oil, eEPTTly in summer

five. EPTT inspection, these kinds of as the bordering temperature, vibrate, noise inspection

6. Keep bearing cleansing from grime, dust, pollutant, moisture.

7. EPTT must not be extremely cooled.

Primary dimensions mm Mounting proportions mm CRBC CRB Bodyweight
With cage Total complement internal ring
outer diameter


da Da Basic dynamic load rating Standard static load rating Standard dynamic load rating Simple static load ranking Kg
fifty CRBC 5013 CRB 5013 fifty eighty thirteen .six fifty five 71 1.07 1.26 1.forty two one.84 .29
sixty CRBC 6013 CRB 6013 sixty 90 thirteen .6 64 81 one.16 1.46 1.fifty four two.fifteen .33
70 CRBC 7013 CRB 7013 70 a hundred 13 .six 75 91 one.23 one.67 2.55 .38
80 CRBC 8016 CRB 8016 80 one hundred twenty 16 .6 86 107 1.82 two.55 two.43 three.75 .74
90 CRBC 9016 CRB 9016 90 a hundred thirty 16 one 98 118 one.94 two.86 2.fifty nine four.21 .eighty one
one hundred CRBC 1571 CRB 1571 100 150 20 1 108 134 3.15 four.fifty one 3.ninety four six.11 one.45
110 CRBC 11571 CRB 11571 110 160 twenty 1 118 one hundred forty four three.35 five.07 four.twelve 6.sixty seven one.fifty six
a hundred and twenty CRBC 12571 CRB 12571 one hundred twenty a hundred and eighty 25 one.five 132 164 four.77 7.05 five.99 9.fifty four 2.sixty two
a hundred thirty CRBC 13571 CRB 13571 a hundred thirty a hundred ninety 25 1.5 140 172 four.92 seven.forty eight six.1 9.ninety eight two.eighty two
a hundred and forty CRBC 14571 CRB 14571 one hundred forty 200 twenty five one.5 151 183 five.07 seven.ninety two 6.41 ten.eight two.96
one hundred fifty CRBC 15571 CRB 15571 a hundred and fifty 210 twenty five one.five a hundred and sixty 192 five.38 eight.77 six.five eleven.3 three.16
CRBC 15030 CRB 15030 150 230 thirty one.five 166 202 six.ninety two ten.eight eight.59 14.4 five.three
200 CRBC 20571 CRB 20571 200 260 twenty five 2 208 239 6.02 eleven 7.fifty three fourteen.eight 4
CRBC 20030 CRB 20030 200 280 30 2 218 262 ten.8 seventeen.eight thirteen.3 23.4 6.7
CRBC 20035 CRB 20035 200 295 35 2 221 274 21.five sixteen.8 28.2 9.fifty eight
Main dimensions mm Mounting dimensions
CRBC CRB Bodyweight
With cage Full enhance inner
outer diameter


da Da Standard dynamic load ranking Standard static load rating Fundamental dynamic load ranking Standard static load ranking Kg
250 CRBC 25571 CRB 25571 250 310 twenty five 2.five 259 290 six.72 thirteen.6 8.39 eighteen.3 four.ninety seven
CRBC 25030 CRB 25030 250 330 thirty 2.five 265 310 eleven.6 20.8 14.six 28.3
CRBC 25040 CRB 25040 250 355 40 2.5 271 330 17.9 29.nine 21.five 38.2 14.8
300 CRBC 30571 CRB 30571 three hundred 360 twenty five 2.five 310 341 7.38 sixteen.2 9.19 21.7 five.88
CRBC 30035 CRB 30035 three hundred 395 35 two.5 318 372 16.3 29.nine 20.5 40.eight 13.4
CRBC 30040 CRB 30040 300 405 forty two.5 321 381 19.4 23.5 forty five.1 seventeen.two
four hundred CRBC 40035 CRB 40035 400 480 35 2.5 414 457 13.3 30 sixteen.5 forty fourteen.five
CRBC 40040 CRB 40040 400 510 40 2.5 423 483 22.2 forty five.5 27 fifty nine 23.five
CRBC 40070 CRB 40070 400 580 70 two.five 430 532 forty seven 81.1 fifty seven.6 106 72.four
500 CRBC 50040 CRB 50040 five hundred 600 forty two.five 517 573 21.2 forty nine.7 25.nine sixty four.8 26
CRBC 50050 CRB 50050 five hundred 625 50 2.5 531 592 24.7 fifty 30.six
CRBC 50070 CRB 50070 500 680 70 2.five 530 633 53.six 102 65.three 133 86.1
600 CRBC 60040 CRB 60040 600 seven-hundred forty three 621 676 23.1 58.1 seventy seven.4 30.6
CRBC 60070 CRB 60070 600 780 70 3 630 734 59.1 123 70 154 102
CRBC 600120 CRB 600120 600 870 120 3 643 817 a hundred twenty five 221 149 280 274
700 CRBC 70045 CRB 70045 seven-hundred 815 45 3 730 785 25 31.3 forty six.5
CRBC 70070 CRB 70070 seven hundred 880 70 3 731 834 63 139 76.six 181 a hundred and fifteen
CRBC 700150 CRB 700150 seven-hundred 1571 one hundred fifty three 751 953 166 301 198 382 478
800 CRBC 80070 CRB 80070 800 950 70 four 831 907 forty 109 51.three a hundred and forty four 109
CRBC 85710 CRB 85710 800 1030 a hundred 4 840 972 93.six 204 114 264 247

title furniture swivel bearing, turnable plate, revolving plate, revolving chair EPTT, revolving plates,Lazy Susan turntable, retrofit Lazy Susan, Lazy Susan Rotator, EPTT table EPTT, EPTTble swivel EPTT, Dining table EPTT
EPTTmmended software suibable for various kinds of medium amp high quality demonstrate cabinets, eating tables, all kinds of rorary tables, furnishings, govt chairs, spray portray bables and big present shelves amp Television cabinets.
EPTT chilly rolled steel add aluminium
Surface remedy EPTT coating, electrophoretic
Shade white, black
Solution attribute ligEPTT and resilient with robust stamina and totally free rotation in a full circle.
Specification 10inch(240X240mm), 8inch(195X195mm), 7inch(155X155mm), 6inch(150X150mm), 4inch(100X100mm), 3inch(70X70mm)
Thickness 2mm, 1.5mm, 1mm
Deal 1pcs for every a poly bag, then to be deal into the transit carton we also welcome the EPTT EPTT need in accordance to EPTTomers which is base on one little container.
Other OEM amp ODM is obtainable

EPTT bearing is one particular of our principal items.
one. four position contact ball slewing bearing (no EPTT, external EPTT, inner EPTT)
2. two row ball slewing bearing
3. crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearing
four. a few row cylindrical roller slewing bearing
five. crossed EPTTred roller slewing bearing
6. ball and roller merged slewing bearing.
With EPTT EPTT and EPTT, EPTT deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.s and manufactures various types of bearing items with inner diameter of in excess of 100 mm in accordance to the countrywide stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd,this sort of as large-measurement and further-massive-measurement deep-groove ball bearings,angular speak to ball bearings,solitary,double and four-row cylindrical roller bearings,spherical roller bearings,single,double and 4-row EPTTred roller bearings,spherical ball bearings,thrust ball bearings,thrust roller bearings,slewing bearings,and spEPTT bearings,the merchandise are extensively used in the fields all more than the country, this sort of as port,EPTT tools,mining,metallurgy,EPTT industry,health care,large EPTTry,coal EPTTry,cement EPTTry,petroleum exploration as effectively as countrywide defence market.With the rigEPTT to handle the export.

Company introduction

HangEPTT Evon Engineering CO.,LTD is a manufacture of bearings, worm EPTTrs, slewing bearings, EPTTs, shaft and engineering parts. EPTT bearings, worm EPTTrs, slewing bearings, EPTTs, shafts show every single working day to be EPTTant structural and link elements, they can be commonly employed in the liftinEPTTransport EPTTry, mining EPTTry, design EPTTry, port hoisting EPTTry, port oil transfer tools, onshore and offshore crane, excavator, concrete EPTT, paper EPTT, plastic and rubber EPTT, weave EPTT, cement EPTT, steel EPTT, electrical EPTT EPTT, wind EPTT generator, other building and industry EPTTs or gear and other huge rotary units.
The goods made by EPTT Engineering Co are primarily exported to the nations of the European EPT, United states, the Middle EPTT, the South American, the Africa, Austrilian and Asia places and the Russian Federation, in the process of cooperation with our consumers, we have manufactured it a basic principle to create a lasting and gratifying partnership with our clients by delivering successful service with the prime good quality and reducing the manufacturing EPTT.
XiHu (West Lake) (West Lake) Dis.g for consistent dedication to the top quality of items and client service, Evon Engineering attaches wonderful EPTTance to research and deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment to guarantee far better solution top quality and services from its establishment. The good quality of EPTT items are dependent on the excellent EPTTist and technical level of constructors and experts, extremely qualified operators, activities manufacturing personnel.

The company identify: HangEPTT Evon Engineering Co.,ltd
Tackle: No 3 Lianmeng Road, EPTTnXiHu (West Lake) Dis. Area, HangEPTT Town, ZheJiang Province, EPTT
Tel: -379-64516701
Fax -379-64516702


  in Kakinada India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Slewing Bearing for Oversea Excavator Hitachi manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Kakinada India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Slewing Bearing for Oversea Excavator Hitachi manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler