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We have exported our products to Korea, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Italy, Norway, the Usa, Canada, and so on. EPG was awarded with “famous item of Zhejiang Province” and “renowned model of Zhejiang Province”. Hangzhou EPG Co.,Ltd. , was started in November, 1997. With its five wholly owned subsidiaries.
Angular contact ball bearing BS3572TN1 35*seventy two*15mm

Cycloidal EPT bearings
Electrical iron bearings
Sq. box bearings

Merchandise Description

Structure Angular contact ball bearing
Item No. 7215c
Inner Diameter 35mm
Exterior Diameter 72mm
Width 15mm
Grease lubrication speed
Oil lubrication pace
Excess weight

Solution Demonstrate

Manufacturing unit
HangEPT EPT EPT Co., Ltd. is located in HangEPT, which is 1 of the four wonderful XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ent capitals of EPT. Our business is the member of EPT EPT Industry Affiliation, and cooperating with State EPT Supervision and Tests CEPTr for bearing. Our firm is a expert bearing company which built-in with study ,deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment and advertising and marketing providers.
Our key merchandise incEPT Deep Groove Ball EPT, Spherical Roller EPT, EPT Ring, crossed Roller EPT and other all sorts of higher precision bearings. Our goods are commonly used to motor sector, mining metallurgy, wind EPT generation, petroleum drilling, auto and motorcycle and so forth..
Our firm not only possesses EPT bearing manufacturing equipments and global 1st-class measuring devices, but also has powerful strength of manufacturing, inspecting and screening the higher precision and trustworthiness bearings. Each approach is in rigid accordance with the ISO9001 quality management technique, which successfully assures the precise of items and balance of the overall performance. Car EPTs are mostly exported to the United States, South Korea, Europe, and so forth., which have achieved the high amount of international similar goods.
The soul of our organization society is [Element helps make aggressive, innovation tends to make first-course quot. We believe the production and management philosophy of [good quality wins, casting aggressive products quot. The organization adheres to the zero-defect quality administration for assembly client specifications.

Product Measurement (mm)
7000C ten*26*eight
7001C 12*28*eight
7002C 15*32*9
7003C seventeen*35*ten
7004C 20*42*12
7005C twenty five*47*twelve
7006C thirty*fifty five*thirteen
7007C 35*sixty two*fourteen
7008C 40*sixty eight*fifteen
7009C forty five*75*sixteen
7571C 50*eighty*sixteen
7011C fifty five*ninety*18
7012C sixty*ninety five*18
7013C sixty five*one hundred*18
7014C 70*one hundred ten*20
7015C 75*one hundred fifteen*twenty
7016C 80*a hundred twenty five*22
7017C eighty five*a hundred thirty*22
7018C 90*140*24
7019C ninety five*one hundred forty five*24
7571C 100*a hundred and fifty*24
7571C a hundred and five*one hundred sixty*26
7571C 110*a hundred and seventy*28
7571C a hundred and twenty*one hundred eighty*28
7026C 130*200*33
7571C one hundred forty*210*33
7030C a hundred and fifty*225*35
7200C 10*30*9
7201C twelve*32*10
7202C fifteen*35*eleven
7203C 17*forty*twelve
7204C twenty*47*14
7205C 25*fifty two*fifteen
7206C thirty*sixty two*sixteen
7207C 35*72*17
7208C forty*80*18
7209C 45*eighty five*19
7210C fifty*90*20
7211C 55*a hundred*21
7212C 60*110*22
7213C sixty five*a hundred and twenty*23
7214C 70*one hundred twenty five*24
7215C seventy five*130*25
7216C 80*one hundred forty*26
7217C 85*150*28
7218C 90*a hundred and sixty*30
7219C 95*170*32
7220C a hundred*one hundred eighty*34
7221C one zero five*one hundred ninety*36
7222C one hundred ten*two hundred*38
7224C one hundred twenty*215*40
BS2562TN1 twenty five*62*fifteen
BS3062TN1 30*sixty two*fifteen
BS3072TN1 30*72*15
BS3572TN1 35*seventy two*15
BS4072TN1 forty*72*15
BS4090TN1 40*ninety*20
BS4575TN1 forty five*75*15
BS45100TN1 45*a hundred*20
BS55710TN1 50*100*20
BS5590TN1 fifty five*ninety*fifteen
BS55100TN1 fifty five*one hundred*twenty
BS55120TN1 fifty five*one hundred twenty*twenty
BS60120TN1 60*120*twenty
765715TN1 25*fifty two*fifteen
765716TN1 30*62*sixteen
765717TN1 35*seventy two*seventeen
765718TN1 forty*eighty*eighteen
765719TN1 forty five*85*19
765710TN1 50*ninety*twenty
765711TN1 fifty five*100*21
765712TN1 sixty*one hundred ten*22
760305TN1 25*62*seventeen
760306TN1 thirty*72*19
760307TN1 35*eighty*21
760308TN1 forty*ninety*23
760309TN1 45*100*twenty five
76571TN1 50*a hundred and ten*27
76571TN1 55*one hundred twenty*29
71900 ten*22*6
71901 twelve*24*6
71902 15*28*7
71903 17*30*seven
71904 twenty*37*9
71905 twenty five*forty two*nine
71906 thirty*forty seven*9
71907 35*55*ten
71908 forty*62*12
71909 45*68*12
71910 50*seventy two*twelve
71911 55*eighty*13
71912 sixty*eighty five*thirteen
71913 sixty five*90*13
71914 70*a hundred*16
71915 seventy five*one zero five*sixteen
71916 80*one hundred ten*16
71917 eighty five*a hundred and twenty*18
71918 90*one hundred twenty five*18
71919 ninety five*a hundred thirty*eighteen
71920 a hundred*one hundred forty*twenty
71921 105*a hundred forty five*twenty
71922 a hundred and ten*one hundred fifty*20
71924 a hundred and twenty*one hundred sixty five*22
71926 a hundred thirty*a hundred and eighty*24
71928 one hundred forty*one hundred ninety*24
71930 150*210*28
71932 one hundred sixty*220*28
71800 ten*19*5
71801 12*21*five
71802 fifteen*24*five
71803 17*26*five
71804 20*32*7
71805 twenty five*37*7
71806 thirty*42*seven
71807 35*forty seven*seven
71808 forty*fifty two*seven
71809 forty five*58*seven
71810 fifty*sixty five*seven
71811 fifty five*72*nine
71812 sixty*78*ten
71813 65*eighty five*10
71814 70*ninety*10
71815 seventy five*ninety five*10
71816 eighty*one hundred*ten
71817 85*a hundred and ten*13
71818 ninety*one hundred fifteen*13
71819 95*one hundred twenty*13
71820 a hundred*one hundred twenty five*thirteen
71821 105*a hundred thirty*thirteen
71822 one hundred ten*one hundred forty*16
H7000C-2RZ/P4 3.969
H7001C-2RZ/P4 3.969
H7002C-2RZ/P4 three.969
H7003C-2RZ/P4 three.969
H7004C-2RZ/P4 five.556
H7005C-2RZ/P4 5.556
H7006C-2RZ/P4 5.556
H7007C-2RZ/P4 six.35
H7008C-2RZ/P4 6.35
H7009C-2RZ/P4 6.35
H7571C-2RZ/P4 six.35
H7011C-2RZ/P4 seven.938
H7012C-2RZ/P4 7.938
H7013C-2RZ/P4 7.938
H7014C-2RZ/P4 8.731
H7205C-2RZ/P4 seven.938
H7206C-2RZ/P4 7.938
H7207C-2RZ/P4 8.731
H7208C-2RZ/P4 nine.525

  in Huambo Angola  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Angular Contact Ball Bearing BS3572tn1 35*72*15mm manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Huambo Angola  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Angular Contact Ball Bearing BS3572tn1 35*72*15mm manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler